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DB Moisturizing Gel Cream

DB Moisturizing Gel Cream

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Official domestic product of Dr. Becker Cloud Gel Cream sold in Hawaii.
*The brand name will be partially changed due to the Japanese label, but the ingredients will not change.

  • [Brand name] Dr.Becker
  • [Contents] 2.0oz/60g
  • [Distributor] SEICOSME Co., Ltd.
  • [Country of origin] America

Do you have any of these skin concerns?

  • Pores are noticeable
  • No firmness
  • No shine
  • Scabbing

Oil-free and breathable gel cream

Moisturizes easily without stickiness


Contains snow algae*¹, which is said to have amazing vitality.

Snow algae is a type of algae that lives in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. It has the ability to thrive in sub-zero water with low nutrient levels. Their formation in this harsh environment stimulates and activates metabolic enzymes. It also repairs and detoxifies damaged DNA.Snow Algae*¹ has been designed to be stably blended as an ingredient in cosmetics.


Vitamins A, C, and E contained in plant extracts*² approach pores*³ and aging*⁴

Contains Holomy strawberry fruit*⁵ and aloe vera juice*⁵
Gives moisture to the skin, making the pores less noticeable.Makes wrinkles caused by dryness less noticeable.For brighter, more transparent skin.


Multifunctional moisturizing ingredient

Contains xylityl glucoside*⁶
Excellent moisturizing ingredients lock in moisture and keep your skin fresh and fresh.

*¹Coenochloris signiensis extract*²Aloe vera juice extract/Horomui strawberry fruit extract (conditioning ingredient)*³Conspicuousness due to dryness*⁴Dryness*⁵Conditioning ingredient
*⁶Moisturizing ingredients