Beautiful skin leads to new self-confidenceBeautiful skin leads to new self-confidence
Advanced serum that draws in moistureAdvanced serum that draws in moisture
Hypoallergenic retinoid that can be used even on sensitive skinHypoallergenic retinoid that can be used even on sensitive skin
A veil of moisture gently envelops you, relaxing your mind and skin.A veil of moisture gently envelops you, relaxing your mind and skin.

Dr.Becker Domestic Authorized Dealer SEICOSME is a partner company of Hawaii Neo Plaza.

"Dr. Becker" is a natural skin care brand that was founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Becker and has ingredients that are gentle on the skin while providing a solid feeling of use.

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Dr. Becker serum

Softens the skin and penetrates the beautiful skin ingredients of lotion*¹
Booster serum that makes your skin more susceptible to acne

  • Visibility of pores*²
  • Lack of texture*²
  • Chickness due to age*²


Line Up Line Up

DB total defense serum

A well-balanced blend of three vitamins*³ that can be used even on sensitive skin*⁴Hypoallergenic retinoid*⁵

  • Visibility of sebum pores*²
  • Wrinkles/dullness*²
  • Aging care*⁶


Line Up Line Up

DB Moisturizing Gel Cream

Oil-free and breathable gel cream that absorbs easily without stickiness and deeply moisturizes.

  • Visibility of pores*²
  • Lack of firmness*²/lack of shine*²
  • Aging care*⁶


*¹Up to the stratum corneum *²Due to dryness *³Hydroxypinacolone retinoic acid, ascorbyl aminopropyl phosphate, tocopherol (conditioning ingredients)
*⁴Not all people will experience allergies, skin problems, or skin irritation.
*⁵ Retinoic acid hydroxypinacolon/dimethyl isosorband (conditioning ingredient) *⁶ Moisturizes

Set Item Set Item

Set Item set products

Total support for skin concerns

We have prepared a 3-piece skin care set from Dr. Becker.


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Vision SEICOSME founder's thoughts

I myself have had complexes about my skin for many years.
Pores, acne, acne scars, wrinkles, sagging, etc...
I had no end to my concerns about my skin.

During that time, I used countless cosmetics,
Are there any good cosmetics?
I kept looking for it.

Meanwhile, I came across Dr. Becker, which was sold in Hawaii.
I still remember being impressed as I noticed a change in my skin quality as soon as I started using it.

During long-term use,
I want many people to know about this serum,
We wanted to be able to support people with skin concerns, so we partnered with a Hawaiian company to sell our products in Japan.

Support to move your skin in the right direction,
And so that you can feel even a little brighter and more positive in your daily life,
I hope SEICOSME can help you.

Every time we receive happy feedback from people who regularly use Dr. Becker Skin Care,
All the staff are deeply moved.

We will continue to provide the best experience for everyone,
We will do our best to make you happy. Thank you for your guidance and support.