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DB total defense serum

DB total defense serum

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Official domestic product of Dr. Becker Youth Recovery Serum sold in Hawaii.
*The brand name will be partially changed due to the Japanese label, but the ingredients will not change.

  • [Brand name] Dr.Becker
  • [Contents] 1.0oz/30ml
  • [Distributor] SEICOSME Co., Ltd.
  • [Country of origin] America

Do you have any of these skin concerns?

  • Sticky, fluctuating skin*
  • Sebum pores on the nostrils*
  • Visibility of pores*
  • Wrinkles and lack of firmness due to dryness
  • Dullness*

*Due to drying

A well-balanced combination of carefully selected ingredients

Approach various skin concerns


For moisturized, smooth skin with less noticeable pores

Contains hypoallergenic*¹ retinoid*², an ingredient attracting attention as next-generation vitamin A.Approaches sebum pores*³ and the appearance of pores*³What is hypoallergenic retinoid*²? There are almost no negative reactions such as skin irritation or peeling*¹.
The effect of vitamin A is a revolutionary ingredient that can be delivered firmly to the skin.


Approaching signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging due to dryness

Contains next-generation vitamin C (stable vitamin C complex)*⁴, vitamin E*⁵, and caffeine*⁶
While supporting the skin's natural power, it helps beauty ingredients penetrate into the stratum corneum, providing long-term care for skin damage caused by aging*⁷, leading to a firmer, more youthful-looking skin.


For bright, transparent skin

Contains alpha arbutin*⁶ Moisturizes dry and dull skin, giving it a brighter look.


Moisturizing ingredients that keep moisture

Contains hyaluronic acid Na*⁸, squalane*⁸, and tochaca extract*⁸
Leads to moisturized and fresh skin

*¹Not all people will experience allergies, skin problems, or skin irritation.
*²Hydroxypinacolone retinoic acid, dimethyl isosorbide (conditioning ingredient)*³Drying*⁴Ascorbyl aminopropyl phosphate (conditioning ingredient)*⁵
Tocopherol (conditioning ingredient) *⁶ Conditioning ingredient *⁷ Due to dryness *⁸ Moisturizing ingredient